Stated Communications:

First and Third Wednesday of the Month

 Ritual practice and Catechism study are held  every Wednesday at 7PM when there are no Regular Communications. Lodge Officers should regularly attend. All members are encouraged to attend. 

Upcoming Events:
Check the Grand Master’s Calendar For Grand Lodge Events and Sign up to Receive “Compass Points” at

September 5 - Entered Apprentice Degree (Mr. Laurence J. Zeller)
September 11 – Patmos Lodge #70, Regular Communication
September 12 - Rehearsal / Catechism / Grill
September 19 - Regular Communication
September 26 - Rehearsal / Catechism / Grill
October 3 - Regular Communication
October 6 – Harvest Home Day, Grand Lodge
October 9 – Patmos Lodge #70, Regular Communication
October 17 - Regular Communication


  2018 LODGE DUES :


Dues for 2018 remain at $120.00
Please remit your 2018 lodge dues to the secretary

BY CHECK: Please make your check payable to Solomon’s Lodge No. 121 and mail it to P.O. Box 233, Savage, MD 20763

PAYPAL: If you have PayPal send using the Friends and Family option to

 If you have any questions regarding dues payment, please give me a call.

Richard Myers

Contact Information:
If you have an updated email, address, or phone number please share it with me so that you can receive up-to-date information on lodge activities and the lodge can send you your Communications digitally, saving us all on postage costs. You can also visit WWW.GLMD.ORG to update your info with the Grand Lodge and view your Masonic Records. 

Solomon's Lodge #121 AF&AM